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Edgewater has landed a private aviation business that eventually plans to expand its existing fleet of jets serving Central Florida to offer cross country and long-haul flights to Europe.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony were conducted at Massey Ranch Airpark Oct. 25 to launch the maiden flight of New River Aviation, a private charter jet company started by three close friends and aviation enthusiasts, including Edgewater resident Jose Leyva.

“The company chose to operate out of Edgewater for several reasons,” said Lauren Eastman, the public relations representative. “Including the fact that one of the partners, Jose, attended Embry-Riddle University and later settled with his family in Edgewater.”

She said Edgewater also was selected because of how the company was “welcomed by the community as a family-owned, small business” and the city was found to be “a great place to do business.”

The two other partners attending the opening ceremony were Mike Newberry, strategic partner, and Chad Newberry, who serves as CEO. Mr. Leyva serves as director of safety.


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